Value-Based Solutions

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    Each year, $600 billion to $800 billion is spent on care that does nothing to improve health. Value-based solutions can help change that.

  • Reward value—and reduce cost—with value-based solutions from TriZetto

    The amount of waste in the healthcare industry is staggering. Each year, as much as 33 percent of healthcare expenditures have zero impact on patients’ health.* Because of this, payers are implementing new value based strategies to incentivize members and providers. Value-based solutions engage members and reward them for making healthy choices, while value-based provider reimbursement strategies reward the value, not volume, of care delivered by providers.

    TriZetto offers solutions that empower our health plans to successfully lead the transition from Fee-for-Service (FFS) to fee-for-for value, and define new relationships with members and providers that will improve the cost and quality of healthcare.

    *The Dartmouth Atlas of Healthcare 




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